Vanuatu is an archipelago of 83 islands located in the SW Pacific, only 2-3 hours flying time from ports in Australia and New Zealand. The country offers a unique blend of a rugged, pristine tropical environment, a delightful fusion of traditional Melanesian culture and French and British colonial heritage. This, combined with a relaxed welcoming way of life, all lead to Vanuatu being a highly sought-after tourist destination. 

At the same time Vanuatu has a thriving economy and a stable political environment, and is a growing  international business centre. The country is experiencing solid expansion of the agriculture and education sectors, and is increasing its role in regionally-based organisations. All of these factors lead to Vanuatu developing as an important centre for trade, investment and regional affairs.

Air transport is therefore fundamental to Vanuatu being able to fulfil this role. As owner and manager of the three international airports serving the country, Airports Vanuatu Limited (AVL) takes this responsibility seriously. AVL is responsible for enabling safe, secure and efficient access to tourism, trade and investment in Vanuatu via the three international gateways at: 

  • Luganville (Pekoa Airport) on the island of Espiritu Santo, the location of the second major economic centre of the country and gateway to the northern islands.
  • Tanna Island (Whitegrass Airport) the gateway to the unique and unspoilt southern islands and natural tourist attractions.

Airports Vanuatu Limited is also the provider of the national air traffic services and air navigation system.

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