Aerodrome Rescue & Fire Fighting Services

The Aerodrome Rescue and Fire Fighting services (ARFFS) ensures the AVL obligation to Civil Aviation Rule Part 139 of aerodromes facilitating aircrafts carrying more than 30 passengers. The Bauerfield Runway can facilitate all aircraft types up to Boeing 767-200 series and this is complimented by ARFFS Bauerfield maintaining a Fire Category of 7.

Bauerfield ARFFS Operate 2 Fire tenders and 1 back up plus a 4 man shift on a 4 Watch Shift rotation. Bauerfield ARFFS ensure obligation to duty of care in assisting the Port Vila City Fire Brigade on request of assistance. The Bauerfield ARFFS is also delegated the duties of Daily Runway Inspection, Runway Sweep, Bird Hazard Management and After Earth Quake Runway Inspection. The Bauerfield ARFFS plan and execute their own fitness, theory and practical training.

Central Training

The central training programme provides concentrated training at regular intervals for every serving fire fighter and fire officer, and for recruits as required. Main types of courses held at the central training schools are:

  • Recruit Courses (2 weeks);
  • Airport fire officer’s course ( 4 weeks);
  • Refresher Advance fire fighter’s course (2 weeks);
  • ARFFS Workshop ( not to be extended over 1 week) Airport Certificate I, II, III & IV; and
  • Trainee Fire Officer course (3 weeks)