Aviation Security

AVSEC or Aviation Security in Bouerfield and the three International Airports plays a very important role in making sure that the Passangers traveling in and out of Vanuatu through the Three International Airports are safe and Secure. The goals of the Aviation Security Service (AVSEC) are to provide the highest reasonable standard of security and safety within all the services which it plans, provides and operates by identifying and minimizing those risks arising from the AVL activities which could contribute to safety incidents/accidents.The AVSEC ensure AVL obligation to Civil Aviation Rule Part 140 and ICAO Standard and Recommended Practices are in compliance at all times.

  • AVSEC is responsible to maintain the barrier between Land side and Airside is not infringed.
  • AVSEC controls all access to airside and restricted areas
  • AVSEC implement foot patrols and vehicle patrols along the Terminal and perimeter fence
  • AVSEC ensures all airport workers including AVL staff comply to Part 140 requirements.
  • AVSEC is present in both Bauerfield and Pekoa..