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Airports Vanuatu Limited (AVL) is a private company incorporated under the Vanuatu Companies Act (Cap 191)


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Aeronautical Information Publication Vanuatu

  • The AIPV is published by the authority of the Civil Aviation Authority Vanuatu (CAAV).
    Airports Vanuatu Limited (AVL) is a corporation set up by government, contracted by CAAV to be the Aeronautical Services Provider to meet the requirements of Civil Aviation Rule Part 175.

  • The CAAV has delegated responsibility for the information published in Vanuatu to AVL relevant to operations within the Port Vila Sector of the Nadi FIR.

  • The AIPV has been prepared in accordance with the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS) of ICAO Annex 15 and the guidance material in the ICAO Aeronautical Services Manual (Doc. 8126 -AN/872/3).

  • The latest issue of the AIPV is dated 02 February 2017, Amendments are published as and when required. The AIPV is published by GroupEAD and is available in either a hard copy or electronic version from AVL or from GroupEAD. Prices are available on request.

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