Non-Scheduled International Flights

1 – Make a request for landing approval

Operator of Aircraft will make a request for landing approval to the AVL Flight Approval Office via email to:

2 – Choose a Ground Handling agent

We recommend you to choose a Ground Handling agent who will be assist you in going through the required steps: aircraft approval, aircraft arrival and departure time, the apron marshalling, parking, customs, immigration, bio-security and payment of fees.

There are two Ground Handling companies in Vanuatu:

Vanuatu Terminal Services Limited: contact

or alternatively Air Vanuatu Operations Limited: contact

3 – Supply your flight information  

Flight Approval Office will require you supply the following information:

  • Aircraft Type/Registration;

  • Aircraft Call Sign if any or use registration;

  • Aircraft Operator;

  • Arrival and Departure Aerodromes;

  • Estimated Arrival Time and Date;

  • Estimated Departure Time and Date;

  • Purpose of Flight (Tourism/Business/Private/Ferry Flight/Tech Stop etc.).

4 – Airport charges  

Please note that there are airport charges that apply:

  • Aerodrome Charges:​

  • Flight Approval: VT 5,000

  • Landing Charges outside daylight hours: VT 16,500

  • Air Navigation Service Charge: VT 50 per 1,000 KG or part thereof

  • For ATS Service beyond published hours of watch: VT 20,000

  • Parking of Aircraft:

  • Passengers (for departure only): VT 3,400 per person

Other charges: the Ground Handler control and Boarder Control Services have their own fees, please make contact with them to find out more.

5 – Payment

Payment methods: all charges are payable on arrival and before departure of the aircraft, and must be paid by the pilot in command of the aircraft to the Ground Handler or authorised AVL Limited officer at the airport - unless by prior arrangement.

Get in touch with an agent at or call (678) 25111.