Media Release 2 June 2021:AVL staff among the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

Airports Vanuatu staff were today honoured to be among the first leaders to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Port Vila, alongside our national leaders.

The first COVID-19 vaccines arrive at Port Vila Airport

AVL is pleased to announce CEO Jason Rakau was accompanied by AVL Board Directors Letlet August and Bettina Mahieu, Group Head of Air Navigation Services Kevin Abel, Manager Commercial Jorick Sarginson, and frontline staff from Airport Rescue and Firefighting Services (Hamish Malokle and Ben Bule), Aviation Security (Natu Vira) and Customer Services (Lissie Woiviresulu) to be amongst the first 100 leaders to receive the Covid-19 vaccine at the National Convention Centre in Port Vila.

Mr. Rakau, commented, “I am proud to have been selected in this group of our top leaders to be offered the vaccine. Last week AVL staff across our three airports were briefed by the Ministry of Health on the vaccine. The information provided to us was clear and easy to understand. I have received feedback from my staff that they found the briefing insightful and they feel well supported in deciding their own personal position on receiving the vaccine. I feel strongly that it is important for everyone to make their own decision. Speaking on a personal basis, I am happy to be vaccinated today and to do my part to protect myself, particularly in my role in the front line. As a father and family member, I am reassured that being vaccinated means there is no risk I could accidentally pass the virus on to my loved ones and the vulnerable in our community”.

COVID-19 vaccines will enable Ni-Vanuatu to feel confident about the return of international visitors

The aviation community’s frontline workers including AVL staff will take a leadership role in being vaccinated through the first phase of the vaccine roll out programme. Kevin Abel, Group Head of Air Navigational Services commented, “I am happy the vaccination programme prioritises the inoculation of the most vulnerable and front line staff, including AVL’s staff working in aviation. Our team will begin vaccinations from 4 June onwards at the National Convention Centre. As someone who has been vaccinated today, I am happy that I will be able to work with increased confidence, as I perform my critical role in enabling air access and facilitating passenger and cargo movements. AVL staff are proud to be among the first to be vaccinated and demonstrate our support of the vaccination programme. We look forward to leading the way in supporting our nation to get vaccinated and enable us to re-engage with the world”.


About Airports Vanuatu Ltd AVL is the proud owner and operator of three airports, in Port Vila, and on the islands of Santo and Tanna. AVL’s airports and our airline partners work together to facilitate safe, secure and reliable air access for international visitors to travel to and from our island paradise and for ni-Vanuatu to work and play, flying domestically and to the rest of the world.

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