Media Release: Tamtam Bubble 5 August 2020

Airports Vanuatu Ltd (AVL) wishes to congratulate the Republic of Vanuatu on celebrating 40 years of independence and thank the Government of Vanuatu and Hon. Bob Loughman, Prime Minister, for the announcement of the Tamtam Bubble. Independence Celebrations

AVL staff across the nation joined parades to mark the beginning of Independence celebrations. AVL’s CEO, Jason Rakau, said, “It was a privilege to join the many organisations and communities in the parade and march with the AVL team. Our staff were hugely proud to participate and see the nation unite in joy, particularly after we have faced so many challenges this year”.

Tamtam Bubble

AVL welcomes the news shared by the Prime Minister in his speech, that the Council of Ministers has approved the formation of the Tamtam Bubble, re-opening the nation’s borders to Covid-free countries. The decision will enable quarantine-free international travel to recommence. Jason Rakau commented, “This news, that international travel will be able to restart, is welcomed by AVL, our partner airlines and the whole aviation and tourism community. Whilst limited domestic flying recommenced with Air Vanuatu in May, many of the aviation community based at our airports have been impacted through reduced hours since the borders closed. They are excited at the prospect of once more welcoming international visitors to our nation. Limited international flights have continued throughout the State of Emergency under the guidance of National Disaster Management Office to enable humanitarian relief, repatriation and cargo flights. To now anticipate scheduled flights and re-engage in the global community is the highlight of our Independence celebrations”.

AVL is committed to contributing to the process and working closely with all other agencies AVL has taken a prominent role behind the scenes in preparing for the Prime Minister’s announcement, working with the Department of Tourism and the Tourism Crises Recovery and Response Plan Committee (TCRRPC) Airports Vanuatu Limited Aeroports du Vanuatu and the Air Transportation and Tourism Taskforce (AT3). AT3 will now lead the formal process to re-engage with nations overseas and plan the recommencement of flights, in collaboration with the Public Health Department. The TCRRPC will lead the commercial elements of the plan, engaging with our tourism and airline partners. Kevin Abel, General Manager Operations for AVL, commented, “There is much work to do on a practical basis and AVL looks forward to working collaboratively with all aviation partners to facilitate flights in the future, implementing new procedures to ensure the health and safety of all airport users, including passengers and staff”.


About Airports Vanuatu Ltd AVL is the proud owner and operator of three airports, in Port Vila, and on the islands of Santo and Tanna. AVL’s airports and our airline partners work together to facilitate safe, secure and reliable air access for international visitors to travel to and from our island paradise and for ni-Vanuatu to work and play, flying domestically and to the rest of the world.

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